Performing agency

At the heart of our long years of shipping experience is performing port agency, where we represent our principals’ interests in any port of Egypt. AMPSCO having the knowledge, infrastructure and assets to execute the port call to the highest possible standards..

Port Agency

Quick, accurate, detailed PDAs Prompt communication Efficient dispatch of cargo documents and D/As Local knowledge on line-ups/special requirements Understands your trade/cargo requirements Funds handled locally Comprehensive proprietary network

Liner Services

Over the years AMPSCO has refined its services to become more than just a provider of local sales, container control and documentation services, to become an integral part of the efficient operational and commercial success of every voyage.

Offshore Agency

AMPSCO delivers a range of tailored Agency and Logistics services to the oil and gas industry, globally. Utilizing the expertise and experience of our staff.

Oil & Petroleum services

AMPSCO guided by the President Mr. Alaa Ads and serviced by a staff of dedicated employees operates offices throughout all major Egyptian ports

Marine Suppliers

Marine supply department is one of AMPSCO’s departments who is acting as a Marine and food suppliers to the marine units and drilling rigs;

Custom Clearance & Free Zone Facilities

Through our offices, we arrange & coordinate with the custom Authority for all the formalities require for importation or and re-exportation under any clearing status (exemption– temporary exemption – duty paid - free zone - Transit).

Agency for vessels calling Egyptian ports

AMPSCO is an authorized shipping agency has necessary licenses, handling the port calls of cargo vessels at all Egyptian ports & handling Suez Canal passage for all types of cargo, tankers, and marine units - Cargo operations in all Egyptian ports.

Ampsco Egypt gallery

ADS Marine and Petroleum Services.

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Supporting research and seismic companies(deep and shallow water).

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Immigration formalities for staff who working offshore.

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Issue military & security permits for working in Egypt.

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Crew Change & Dispatch at Alexandria airport.