Important Information of Covid-19


  • According Egyptian chamber of shipping, all landing seafarers should hold a valid Covid-19 negative test valid for 1 day at least at the port of landing, otherwise it's the responsbility of the vessel's company.

Personal Arrangements.

  • Arrange with the crew member about the prohibited personal stuff that he cannot land within his luggage like "white weapons – walkie talkie short or long wave – wine or beer. etc."

  • Agree with crew member about the desired pickup location and which port.

  • Communicating thru the boat radio device on channel 11 or 14 and then moving to an agreed channel to complete the conversation with the captain to agree on which side we should gather our boat to their vessel (Gangway right or left).

  • No sea farer should land without life jacket, hardhat, nonslip shoe and protective belt, otherwise it’s the sea farer responsibility.

  • A 1 day at least valid covid-19 test, should be delivered by email along with the passport and any relevant documents for the landing operation like (Visa, ticket & Marine passport).

  • Seafarer must stick to the instructions given by our representative for his safety and for the safety of the representative.

  • The crew member should not get involved in any kind of conversation with any one around after landing till been delivered at the airport or at the hotel for the stay period.

  • The seafarer has to be honest if been asked by the representative about what is included within his luggage to avoid any unneeded hustle.

Meet & Assist.

  • Sea farers will be cleansed from the port after the police dep. Officer checks the docs.

  • A car facilitated with AC and rest means, will be awaiting outside the port police department or at the port gate.

  • A non-stop trip will be carried out to the airport or to the hotel for the crew total stay till 4 or 5 hours before time of their flight departure.

  • No crew will be responsible for carrying their own luggage it will be carried on their behalf by our trained stuff, unless if been asked or it’s a laptop.

  • Any kind of emergency needs, like a medicine or any kind of purchase will be provided to the crew thru our dedicated phone for crew change operations (local prices only applies).

  • Special requests will be carried out with no issue (hospital or a clinic visit) if been asked.

  • Transportation will be provided to the crew from hotel to the airport before flight departure by 4 or 5 hours, usually our transportation will be provided at the hotel gate 6 hours before flight departure.


  • Our transportation has a specific task assigned to the driver and a representative will be accompanying the driver to assist in carrying the luggage for the crew.

  • The crew has the total right to open the AC or close it, stop the car in emergency cases, like if he feels sick or if the hotel has been changed.

  • The crew must tight the seat belt and enjoy the trip.

  • It’s better not to open the window for the security of the crew.

Immigration Formalities.

  • All relevant documents must be in hand and ready at any time with the crew.

  • In case a document was lost or is missing, the emergency procedure will be followed and the company will be notified by email, and the crew will be held at the hotel stay till the issue is been resolved.

  • If their any covid-19 test for the crew required by the destination country of the crew, a PCR test will be carried out by our doctor with a sample from the mouth or nose.

  • The visa must be stickered on the passport.

  • A valid air ticket, incase the flight was canceled, the flight cancelation procedure will be followed.

Hotel Accommodation.

  • A hotel room will be reserved for the crew according to their company policy.

  • The hotel room rate if not stated by the company by email, will be according to the crew ranking.

  • The crew is free to change the room or get a higher room rate if available.

  • If there are any complaint regarding the hotel service, the crew has to call the crew change operations phone number.

  • Refund a night stay or cancelation of the reservation is not allowed, such decisions will be carried out by email with the crew company.

Working Offshore.

  • Immigration formalities for staff who will be working offshore will be issued before the landing of the crew.

  • A process of extracting the work permits and the security permits along with military permits will be carried out.

  • Any delay of the permit’s delivery due to security reasons to the crew who will work offshore is possible.

  • Any installation or landing of equipment offshore will be with normal tariff of imported goods and ground rental fees will be added to the operation expenses.

Crew Change & Dispatch at Alexandria Airport.

  • Same operation will be carried out at Alexandria airport if they wish to depart from their.