Ampsco is located at Port Said, Egypt, Mr. Alaa ADS is the CEO of the Company, under his leadership the company has expanded it’s business and we gained our reputation in the local market and amongst our export clients.


      • All type of goods including (Food provision – Deck & Engine store, spar parts, ship inspection, ship sanitation, sludge discharge – waste discharge - catering Supply - fresh water - fuel and lube oil – safety Equipment (PPE) – Medical Provision). Catering for camps (food, manpower, equipment, caravans)

      Export Fruit and Vegetables

      • We are a prominent trader, exporter, supplier and sourcing & linking service provider of Fresh Fruits, Fresh Vegetables, Leafy Vegetables and Frozen Vegetables. We have a large network of farmers from which we collect fruits and vegetable and then store them in a cool and hygienic place. We mainly deal in farm fresh vegetables and fresh fruits with the dark green leafy vegetables being their specialty. We are one of the distinguished fresh fruits exporters in Egypt. Today, when all the fruits and vegetables are produced using pesticides, we hold the distinction of providing them with less pesticides. Apart from offering high quality fruits and vegetables, we also offer sourcing and linking services to the clients with our knowledge and experience. Client satisfaction is our ultimate aim and we strive hard in order to achieve it. In addition, we endeavor to offer best services and products to further enlarge the existing network of client.

      Quality of our services / Products

      • Our fruits and vegetables are from the finest farms in all Egypt, and incomparable in price, taste, shape, quality or price. Our production is always fresh and healthy stored with the means of export purposes, our exported goods has a rare return rate of nearly 01% and our clients always has been recommending us for decades.


      • Our facilities is a fruit and vegetable storage warehouse equipped with the means of storing the export production for a specific amount of time, and the threshold of exported goods in the warehouse is maximum 3 days not more, if any export fruit or vegetables passes that deadline, it’s been rejected and not exported, or sold In the local market, except in some specific cases which is like in the case of (like Dates fruit for example )..

      Our Clients

      • We have developed a large network of clients which are spread all over the world. Mainly our exported goods hitting the EU countries in major.

      Our Quality

      • We mainly Emphasis the quality of our products and always we have production quality planning for our products and export means, which has a main role in our business and a cornerstone of how we attract our clients locally and globally. We have enhanced our export production of vegetables and fruit all over the last decade since we triggered the export business in 2003, the main theme in our business is the sense of elevating the honesty of dealing with our clients.