At the heart of our long years of shipping experience is performing port agency, where we represent our principals’ interests in any port of Egypt. Every port call requires a nominated agent responsible for the operational and financial coordination between the vessel itself, the owner/operator of the vessel and the port. Principals and nominators of any kind, incl. ship owners, charterers, operators pools, brokers, traders, shippers and receivers – in any sector, i.e. dry bulk, tankers, container ships, RO/RO and cruise ships rely on AMPSCO to safeguard their interests during the port call. Our procedures are uniquely ISO accredited to ensure highest industry standards, which we document together with our customers in Service Level Agreements and ensure adherence by measuring the deliverables through KPIs. An additional and distinguished benefit of our structure is our ability to deliver uniformity in areas such as reporting, messaging, documentation, and disbursements. To manage all of our port calls, AMPSCO is the only agent with an operating platform that is common across all our offices. The integration into our financial system ensures a very fast D/A turnaround time and a high data quality. In addition, our excellent relationships with local authorities in the country is a big benefit to our customers, as our high ethical standards, reliability and quality of our services is recognized by all parties, which facilitates local operation & documentation processing and eliminates risk of vessel delays, crew members being held up etc. As a globally based company we enjoy economies of scale which combined with our collaborative attitude towards our sub-contractors and supplier partners allow us to benefit from very competitive rates in many places, which can be used to offer tangible cost savings for our customers. AMPSCO having the knowledge, infrastructure and assets to execute the port call to the highest possible standards.