AMPSCO guided by the President Mr. Alaa Ads and serviced by a staff of dedicated employees operates offices throughout all major Egyptian ports (Port Said – Suez – Alexandria "Abo Quir" - Damietta - Red Sea "Rash Gharib "). This team of experienced personnel are familiar with the needs of the oil and petroleum industry in regards to servicing operational marine units (supply boats-drilling rigs-research vessels-utility boats, etc.).

M.S.A can provide the following services:- In / Out Port calls of vessels & supply Boats working in oil field at Egyptian Ports We are an official agent, handling In / Out Port calls at all Egyptian ports (Port Said, Suez, Damietta, Alexandria, Red Sea ports) for vessels & supply boats serving drilling rigs at Red Sea & Mediterranean Sea.

  • Arranging with local authorities for a smooth movements (In / out) port, by completing formalities & Clearances for frequent port calls.

  • Settle all fees required to be paid to governmental authorities such as (port dues, quarantine, vessel clearing, pilotage, berthing dues, mooring and unmooring) as well as any other port authorities fee including the payment of any deposit require.

  • Arrange of the reception of any marine unit on arrival Egyptian territorial water and coordinate with all authorities (immigration, coast guard, quarantine, port authority) for immediate clearance at working area without any delay.

Prepare and issue Military & Security Permits

AMPSCO arranges for military and security approvals necessary for any marine unit ( drilling rigs – supply boats – diving boats – research vessel – cable or coring vessels – etc…) and crews to work in Egyptian territorial waters.

Potential prior approvals would be coordinated through:

  • Armed forces (operation sectors), intelligence, security, naval bases, air forces, coast guard.

  • National security.

  • Environment authority.

  • Group 26.

  • Ministry of Maritime Transport.

  • Port & Light.

  • Navigation warning.

  • Coast Guard permit.

  • Group 26 permits for crew and Staff.

  • Telecommunication license for communication equipment ( V.H.F – H.F Radar- etc…) on board the marine units .

  • Permits for Inmarsat, working via satellite stations.

Logistic Services for personnel (Staff & crew arrangements)

  • Issue the necessary permit from the Ministry of Maritime Transport for working in the Egyptian Territorial waters.

  • Issue the necessary permit from the Ministry of Maritime Transport for working in the Egyptian Territorial waters.

  • Issue necessary port passes.

  • Issue work permit & residences for foreigners to work in Egypt.

  • Arrange assistance at airports for (staff, crew) & issue entry visa.

  • Assist crew changes for the marine units by arranging formalities with Immigration & Security.

  • Arrange the dispatching of crew by helicopter from/to drilling rigs at local airports in Egypt ( El Gameel Airport – El Nozha Airport – Red Sea Ports)

  • Hotel reservations at Cairo & other Egyptian ports.

  • Transportation from / to Cairo for crew / staff in late model, reliable, air-conditioned, vehicles.

  • Assist in air travel reservations if desired.

N.B – All HSE rules for road transport are followed by our drivers

  • No driving at night time.

  • Security officers can be appointed.

  • Follow road official speed.

  • No speaking in Mobil during driving.

  • Seat belt to be used all the time.

(24) Hours office communication services AMPSCO offices are manned 24 HRS a day and equipped with vhf marine radio, telephone, fax, mobile phones & internet services, capable of providing medevac assistance if required.